What is Point?

Point is a new ecosystem of services and programming tools that allow companies to build products using health metrics and workout data collected from wearable devices, like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura, Whoop, and more.

Currently, if a developer wants to integrate with wearables like Apple Watch, they must:

  1. Build data collection services (e.g. “background listeners”) to track changes in users’ health data
  2. Build app screens to request necessary permissions to access data from these devices
  3. Build data cleaning algorithms to ingest and process the raw health data from these wearables into an appropriate form for their product
  4. Build data infrastructure to store this wearables health data
  5. Build custom proprietary algorithms to mine the processed health data, to derive analytics like:
    • Health scores
      • For interpretable attributes like recovery, endurance, strength, sleep, activity, etc.
    • Personalized health insights
      • Like detecting workouts that were too intense for the user
    • Workout recommendations
      • Like the next studio class the user should take in their local area, to further optimize their health outcomes
  6. Repeat the above steps for each new device family you want to support

With Point SDK, you just need to use the developer-friendly Point tooling, in simple, high-level steps:

  1. Install Point SDK
  2. PointSDK.setup()
  3. PointSDK.requestPermissions()
  4. PointSDK.setUserToken()
  5. PointSDK.startAllListeners()

At Point, we’ve already built the “hard part” - the data collection and data processing algorithms, and all infrastructure to support this data - so that you can just “plug-and-play” to get access to the full-range of wearable devices data, as well as the personalized health scores, insights, and workout recommendations we derive for your end-users on your behalf with machine learning.

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