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Building with biometric data is difficult, timely and expensive. Our SDK allows you to integrate your users' biometric data in minutes not months!

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Let us Power your world, the Powered by Point SDK

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    One integration requires over 2000 hours and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. Our SDK allows you to integrate your clients wearable devices in less than a day of work and costs a fraction of the price.


    Connecting wearable data is not enough because oftentimes, more data is just more data! Which is not a useful tool for development or improving your product. We make meaning from metrics so that you can enhance user experience, increase retention, engagement and profitability.


    Typically, biometric data is delivered in hard-to-read, raw, and sometimes illegible formats from these devices. We do the hard work of cleaning, normalizing, and de-noising the data so that it is delivered to you in a neatly succinct and digestible way, to optimize your maker time.


    Unlike other entities who proclaim to offer insights in the form of simply increasing the volume of data provided, we offer real-time physiological updates about a user via insights and recommendations from deep analysis of their raw biometric data, which allow you to tailor to your specific needs and provide capabilities for personalization at scale.

Powered by Point: Agnostic. Intelligent. Fast.

We at Point have created a Health data utilization tool that puts your users data at your finger tips to empower, enhance and interpret so that you can make meaning from their metrics.

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Personalized Insights and Recommendations

Personalized Insights
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Other 3rd Party
Health Integrations

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What we do

What We Do

Our goal at Point is to provide a state of the art SDK which brings the signal out from the noise by sorting through health data from wearable devices and empowers our clients to turn months into minutes when it comes to development time.


Point utilizes a wide array of connected wearable devices to gather biometric data on a user’s body and how it responds to exercise, stressors, food and the environment to ensure the most accurate and personalized information possible.

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Unlike other apps that just track and measure fitness, mindfulness and sleep, Point presents user information in a simple and easy to digest format that allows for modularity, comprehension and personalization.

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The Powered by Point SDK analyzes users' wellness, fitness and lifestyle behaviors to provide a bird’s-eye view of their progress using a scoring system that was developed by an all-star team of exercise physiologists and data scientists.

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Once a user’s information has been collected and analyzed, we are able to recommend ways to improve the user’s health & wellness journey, as it pertains to their body’s needs. Not a generic copy-and-paste recommendation like many others do. We promise no “close your rings” or “go to bed at 7pm” or from us!

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Seamless Integration

The Powered by Point SDK integrates seamlessly with multiple devices, making it incredibly simple to expand your list of deployable devices expeditiously.

Seamless integration
  1. Cleaning and denoising of raw health data from our team of PhD’s!
  2. Multi-device streaming process for your users wearing more than one!
  3. Mobile app wrappers such as Swift, React Native, Capacitor & Android so that we are compatible for whatever platform you build in!


Our continuously expanding list of integrations include wearable devices from Apple, FitBit, Oura Ring, and Garmin from which we pull biometric data, normalize, synchronize and provide ML/AI insights and recommendations based on analysis of the raw data. Additionally the PbyP SDK includes read/write access to integrations, all major mobile platform wrappers and rugged APIs for interacting with the data. Our robust data set includes access to metrics such as workouts, HR , RHR, HRV , sleep analysis, daily activity, mindfulness, V02 max, basal metabolic rate and exertion rate.

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