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Learn the endpoints for the Fitbit integration


To authenticate your users with Fitbit you can use this endpoint:

GET https://${env}.sdk.areyoupoint.com/organizations/integrations/fitbit/:clientId/auth

This endpoint requires a user accessToken using Bearer authentication.

You can pass a query param scope to choose the scopes that will be asked for the user in the authorization flow, if you don't pass any, all scopes are requested. You can find out more about the scopes in the Fitbit documentation.

Currently the supported scopes are: weight, profile, activity, sleep and heartrate. We recommend selecting only the scopes you need. No data will be provided or generated from unsupported scopes.

You can pass the scopes with space between them: (e.g. weight profile activity sleep heartrate)

GET https://${env}.sdk.areyoupoint.com/organizations/integrations/fitbit/:clientId/auth?scope=weight settings profile heartrate activity

If the user denies the requested scopes they will be redirected to the callback URL that you set in the creation of the integration with the parameters error and error_description.


If the user accepts the scopes they will be redirected to the callback URL that you set in the creation of the integration with no parameters.

Based on the scopes that the user accepted we retrieve the historical Fitbit data (1 year) and create all the subscriptions necessary. These subscriptions enable us to get the notification from Fitbit with new data from the user!


Revoking the subscriptions for the user:

POST https://${env}.sdk.areyoupoint.com/organizations/integrations/fitbit/:clientId/revoke

This endpoint doesn't delete the user data only the subscription created in Fitbit for the user.

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