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What is Point?

Point is a brand new suite of services and developer tools for building health and wellness products, compatible with most popular wearable devices. By implementing sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques, Point provides a state-of-the-art experience with minimal engineering overhead.



Ease of integration is an essential part of Point's design philosophy, interfacing with Apple's HealthKit, Fitbit, and Oura right out the box.


Point's SDK utilizes a host of data algorithms, which based on user permissions, are intelligently applied to generate health metrics and valuable insights, such as health scores and workout recommendations.

Developer Friendly

With Point, developers can focus their time to spend more time engineering great user experiences and great products, instead of constantly re-inventing the wheel. To that end, Point offers a robust API and SDKs for Swift, React Native, and Capacitor, ensuring a smooth and nearly effortless adoption.

Total Awesomeness

Point exists to empower developers and users alike with unprecedented control over their data, supercharging projects and improving lives. But believe it or not, things are just getting started! Stay tuned as new features and improvements are continuously rolled out.

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